Management Info FAQs

What is your management fee?

Residential: Our management fee is 8 to 10% of the rental rate depending on the number of properties we will manage for you. The fee begins when the the tenant pays their first month’s rent.


Commercial: Pricing differs depending on the property and scope of work. Please call us today for more information.

Do you offer any discounts?

Feel free to give us a call to discuss any current discounts or special promotions.

When do I get my money?

We make our owner disbursements no later than the 10th if the rent payment is made on time, but your banking institution may hold the funds for a day or two. Any paid invoices and monthly statements can be found in the owner portal.

How is rent collected?

Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th. Payments are required to be made online and we do not accept cash.

What happens if the tenant is late?

After the grace period there is a late fee of 5% on the 6th and $10.00 per day thereafter. Notices sent via text, phone, mail, and email on a daily basis. If 90% of the balance is not paid by the 15th it is recommended that we begin the eviction process. We handle the eviction process for a fee of $400.00 and there is no need to involve an attorney.

What happens to the late fee?

If your owner disbursement is not interrupted, the late fee will go to Beaufort Rentals. If the disbursement is delayed due to the tenant’s tardiness, the fee is split 50/50.

How often is the rent increased?

Rental rates are reviewed on an annual basis and depending on market conditions recommendations are made to you during the lease renewal process.

What kind of reports do I get?

Monthly, your owner statement and all invoices paid are uploaded to your online account. Annually, you will receive an annual statement and 1099. In your online account you will have access custom reports for Balance Sheet, Cashflow MTD Statement, Owner Statement, Balance Sheet Comparison, Profit and Loss, Bills Paid, Financial Statement, Profit and Loss Previous Year Comparison, Cashflow and Rent Roll.

What condition should my property be in to be considered rent ready?

The f​irst impression of a property is the lasting impression of that property. That’s why our owner/clients agree to take care of the basics – fresh paint (neutral colors), flooring in good condition (or those that look new), nice window coverings (blinds), landscaping front and back (even if it’s simple), the home professionally cleaned (including carpets and windows), and everything in good working order – before we begin our task of marketing the rental home. The results are always much better when we approach the marketing process with a rent ready home!

Where do you advertise vacant properties?

If you type “homes for rent in Beaufort SC” your property will be listed on the top sites including our website. The showing software we utilize lists the property on over 100 different sites. This allows us to speed up the leasing process and rent properties quickly.

How do you screen prospective tenants?

Our application process includes checking credit, rental history, verifying income of three times the rent amount, a national eviction search and a national criminal background check. This is the most important part of the job that we do for you.

Should I allow pets?

If you (as the owner) are allergic to pets then we would suggest that you not allow pets, but roughly 66% of Americans have pets so to market a home as a “no pets” property, means we’re eliminating over half the pool of qualified renters for your property. Not only this, people with pets are less likely to move if pets are allowed. Should you decide to market your property as “pet friendly”, we will always look at factors such as the breed of the animal, the animal’s age, and the prospect’s history in renting with a pet. We also collect significantly higher security deposits when a pet is approved, thereby giving you added assurance that, should there be any damage to the property, the tenant has enough at stake to make it right when they vacate.


An additional pet fee based on the full grown weight of each pet is charged at lease signing. This fee is nonrefundable and goes to the owner.


Service animals are not considered pets, and therefore can not be denied occupancy or charged any additional fees.


How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent. South Carolina law requires us to hold the deposit in a separate trust account. These funds can be used if the tenant breaks the leases or causes damage to the property that is not repaired.

Do you require renter’s insurance?

We do require the tenant to carry renter’s insurance for their contents with protections up to $100,000 for damage to your property.